The Banker is the person who is currently in charge of SSS, though this may change in the future. Bankers also need to handle the SSS Bank, involving printing new notes and managing bank accounts. Each Banker's term lasts around a year.

Past Bankers include:

  • Lavanya MM (Rock Seller; creator of SSS)
  • Badri Sunderarajan a.k.a Hippo (Dracoshop)
  • Sreyarth Krishna a.k.a Chutty (Vallis Marineris)
  • Arun Ramasubramaniam a.k.a Knight (Alpha Centauri)
  • Varun Sunderarajan a.k.a Pulippo (Ares Vallis)
  • Eesha Srinivas (Callisto)
  • Pragnya Ramjee (Candor Chasma)
  • Eesha Srinivas (Callisto) (took over again for a brief period)

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